Zainab Fawad is the ingenious force behind the Zuri brand. Zainab worked for many years with a small team of karigars before Zuri was officially rebranded in 2012. Since then, with the help of a loyal clientele, and a very hard-working team, Zuri has managed to become a name synonymous to dazzling bespoke pieces of clothing.

Today, the Zuri brand has a predominant presence in Karachi, with a flagship store, and is also available citywide in Lahore, & overseas. Zuri showcases its fresh collection thrice every year, and also caters to those who want something tailor made to their needs. The team at Zuri works very hard to maintain international standards of design, quality and stitching. The mantra that is followed diligently is to make the wearer feel poised and comfortable, and to make accessible clothes that are timeless for every season.

The kind of clothing designed at Zuri entails Taarskashi infused with tukri, antique zardozi, chikankari, block prints, mirror work and stylish silhouette cuts and machine embroideries. Zuri’s color palette ranges from soft pastels for the day, to deep emerald hues for the night. Fabrics are extensively researched and worked on. Each outfit is a conclusion of many laborious hours spent on each phase of the design process. Every item is then packed and labeled following the modern-day age SOPs, which is a requirement for today.

With our online setup we aim to provide a very custom experience to our old and new clients. We welcome you to the Zuri family, and we hope to maintain high standards for all our future dealings.